Nyheter om svininfluensan A(H1N1) 2009-08-10

måndag 10 augusti 2009

Detta är en sammanfattning av nyheterna om svininfluensan A(H1N1) 2009-08-10. Meningen är att skapa ett nyhetsflöde som går att följa över tiden. Detta kan bland annat vara intressant i framtiden samtidigt som de viktigaste nyheterna finns samlade på samma plats

Swine Flu: New Wave Expected

"U.S. and Other Northern Countries Racing to Prepare for Second Wave of Swine Flu Virus"


CDC Novel H1N1 Vaccination Planning Q&A


Don't give swine flu drugs to under-12s, says study

"Children under the age of 12 should not be given Tamiflu or Relenza, the two antiviral drugs that form the cornerstone of the government's fight against swine flu, because their side-effects outweigh any benefits, Oxford University researchers said yesterday."


Iraqi Officials Concerned About Threat of Swine Flu From U.S. Troops
"BAGHDAD — Iraqi officials expressed concern on Sunday that more than 100 American soldiers in Iraq may be infected with swine flu, fearing they could spread the disease in the country."


Flu drugs 'unhelpful' in children
"Research has cast doubt on the policy of giving antiviral drugs to children for swine flu."



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